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 We recently hosted a campout at Bear Pen for the crossing over Cub Scouts and had activities and adventures planned for them. The Crossover to our Scout Troop was on March 22nd. The Eagle Scout project being done by one of our Scouts is currently underway in the cemetery with the assistance of Larry Sellers. The Coastal District Scout Show is being held on Saturday, March 19 at the Brunswick Forest Comons Field on Route 17 and Evangeline Drive in Leland. In addition to a lot of Scout presentations, there will also be local fireman, police, and military with all their trucks and equipment to see. There will be Helicopter Fly-Ins by the Marines and so much more. Kick off starts at 9:00 AM and will run till about 6:00 PM. Check out at their website at http://hBp://  This will a great event for the kids, grandkids and family alike and it’s a free event.  As always your support of Troop 262 is greatly appreciated.